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Leakfix is a unique water based formula containing non clogging particles, designed to instantly repair and seal all leaks in enclosed re-circulating water heating and cooling systems.

Leakfix contains rust inhibitors and special synthetic lubricating additives, that protect and maintain a healthy heating or cooling system.

Leakfix will not clog the system, it is compatible with all anti-freeze and coolant and can be safely used in all alloy cooling systems.


  • Leakfix will quickly and permanently seal water leaks in central heating systems, underfloor heating systems and radiators.
  • Automotive Applications include coolant to air leaks in engine blocks, cylinder (coolant to air), radiator hoses, core plugs and the heater matrix.
  • Leakfix can be used to seal leaks anywhere water re-circulates in an enclosed system and is GUARANTEED not to clog the system.