GASKETFIX Flótandi pakningur

Vanligur prísur 210,00 kr

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GASKETFIX is a black high temperature instant gasket

Makes any shape, width or thickness of gasket.

Withstands oils, fuels, water, steam, brake fluid, anti-freeze, high pressure.

Adheres to steel, aluminium, galvanising, copper, brass, bronze, paintwork, glass, ceramics and various plastics.

Suitable for machine and engine parts, threaded joints, inlet and outlet manifolds, turbines, radiators, transmission, crank cases, valve covers, junction boxes, stoves, boilers, flues, ovens, pumps and all motors.

  • The right gasket in stock, rocker covers, exhausts, boilers, pumps, gearbox, motors etc,
  • Resists Temperatures up to +280oC
  • Makes any size or shape of gasket
  • Catalytic convertor and sensor safe
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast cure
  • Remains flexible